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On Work-Life Balance (Part 1: Lamentations)

These poems date back to the early 2000s, in the first few years when Rose and I were living together.  I believe Rose wrote the first, I wrote the second (you can tell I was hot for Dorothy Parker at the time), and the third we wrote together.  But in honor of the sacrosanct rules of academic authorship, we’ll just maximize our publication counts and say we co-wrote all of them.

Waiting on Work:

I’ve been anxiously awaiting
a young working man named Derek.
The length of time he’s been away
is nothing if not barbaric.
But it’s slow-going, I understand,
for his research is most esoteric.

Lament IV:

My man is so brilliant,
his work so profound,
his mind so resilient,
he’s never around.

A Fine Head (I Hope):

At twenty his hair started thinning.
Before long there emerged a spot.
In the next years the baldness was winning.
Soon whatever hair had been was not.




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