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On Saarbruecken (Part 1: Interstellar Perversion)

I had a mad impulse to throw you down on the lunar surface and commit interstellar perversion.  — Woody Allen, Manhattan

Went to see “Interstellar” tonight with Rose.  Meh — it was entertaining enough, I guess, but pretty hokey.  Anyway, about five minutes into the movie — which in Germany means 35 minutes after the movie is scheduled to begin — this crazy guy wanders into our row, desperate to find his seat.  He asked me in German if I knew where his seat (E7) was, and I said I didn’t, at which point he got all flustered and kept trying out different random seats in the (mostly empty) row.  He then began to make lots of grunts and giggles, talking to himself, lying down on the seats, noisily flipping through magazines, and — here’s the kicker — doing lines of cocaine!  I must say, I’ve been to many movies in many big cities in the world, from Paris to London to New York to Chicago — but only in Saarbruecken (population: 190,000) have I seen a man snorting cocaine right next to me in the movie theatre.  This was a first.

I think my favorite part of the whole thing was that the guy, despite being coked out of his mind, was very keen on sitting in his assigned seat.  So German.


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